The increased use of steel in modern buildings has impacted positively on TIASCO. Sustainable, 100% recyclable and cost effective, steel offers a number of structural benefits to new buildings, and its off-site fabrication increases the speed of construction, saving time and money.

TIASCO offers a full range of architectural and structural products. In particular the development of high strength duplex steels allows most building requirements to be reached with the added corrosion resistance that helps to increase the structure lifespan. Nowhere is this more apparent than in reinforcement bar where longer bridge and harbour design life requires the better protection from chloride ingress that stainless steel can provide. Other structural steels such as steel beams and structural profiles are also available in standard grades and duplex.

Architectural applications often require a variety of high quality and customised finishes. TIASCO, through its extensive range of mill and service centre patterned, rolled and polished products, can cater for such requirements. As a result, TIASCO has a growing reputation for supplying material solutions to building envelopes throughout the world.

As TIASCO continues to grow and develop its technical capabilities in the future, it also aims to continue its expansion into this important market sector. For more information on any of the products and services above, please contact us.