​The catering and appliances industry provides for our foremost everyday needs. TIASCO offers a wealth of opportunities with stainless steel for the industry’s process equipment manufacturers.

We have developed sophisticated tools and solutions that can help catering and appliances product companies during the entire product development lifecycle. Many of our assets were created specifically to address the unique challenges that catering and appliances product companies often confront.

Uncompromised hygiene and food safety are qualities most sought after by manufacturers of Food & Drink production equipment. Key to meeting their requirements is a material that can ensure those qualities: stainless steel. Stainless can be found throughout all stages of Food & Drink production, from storage of raw materials to distribution.

We possess unsurpassed competence and material knowledge among stainless producers, based on long-standing relationships with customers and solving their challenges. In addition to material supply, TIASCO provides customized solutions for corrosion resistance, surfaces for easier cleaning, technical training in stainless steel grades, assistance in material selection, and technical guidance in welding.

TIASCO is continually developing a wide range of steel products and new, higher-performance products that offer improved formability and corrosion resistance, ductility, affordability and advanced high-strength steels. These steels offer significant weight loss – and thus greater fuel economy and lower emissions – without compromising structural strength.

As TIASCO continues to grow and develop its technical capabilities in the future, it also aims to continue its expansion into this important market sector. For more information on any of the products and services above, please contact us.