TIASCO serves incumbents and new entrants in this rapidly expanding and liberalized sector. We help clients with solutions including high quality welded pipeline packages, prefabricated structural products for wind as well as oil and gas structures, light fabricated systems for solar farm foundations and semi finished steel components for drilling and power generation.

Whether the form of energy production is nuclear, fossil or renewable, safety and efficiency are the utmost concerns of energy companies and their technology providers. These properties are delivered by high quality material, a key material in power generation.

Consistent, superior performance and growth are twin requirements for success as liberalization and unbundling focus pressure on this sector. Our practice helps clients seize unbundling opportunities, leverage existing assets and customer relationships.

Global demand for electricity is expected to double in the next 20 years. Consequently, demand for steel will see a similar spike in the energy production industry. TIASCO’s broad range of products yields to the full range of steel applications that help power the world today and in the future.

As TIASCO continues to grow and develop its technical capabilities in the future, it also aims to continue its expansion into this important market sector. For more information on any of the products and services above, please contact us.