TIASCO Testing is a materials testing and inspection service offering a high quality, accredited technical service to all sectors of industry. Ranging from radiographic inspection on site and in the laboratory, to in-house chemical analysis, we can service most of your needs in maintenance inspection, routine testing and consultancy.

We provide the following testing and inspection services:

• Chemical Analysis
• Corrosion Testing
• Elastomers and Polymers
• Failure Metallurgy
• Metallurgy
• Paint Testing
• Positive Materials Identification

• Acoustic Emission
• Dye Penetrant Inspection
• Eddy Current Inspection
• Gamma Radiography
• Magnetic Particle Inspection
• Phased Array
• Radiographic Inspection
• Real time X-radiography
• Thermography
• Ultrasonic Gauging
• Ultrasonic Inspection
• Visual Inspection

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