TIASCO Coil Service Centres offer you processing facilities like Cut to Length, Slitting or Polishing and Brushing. Our production capabilities also include Traverse Winder and Edge Preparations.


Plasma Cutting

Our plasma cutting equipment can cut all types of steel, and generally takes place underwater to improve the flatness and straightness of the final components, as well as to minimise the heat affected zone.

Supported by CAD/CAM technology which ensures efficient use of materials and high productivity. Our expertise in plasma cutting is your guarantee that flatness, straightness and material properties will be maintained.

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Laser Cutting

Laser cutting puts no stress on the component and provides a high quality cut, with the ability to produce apertures and intricate pieces with clean square edges to a very high degree of accuracy. As such there is little, or no need for further machining.

The process uses gas and laser to cut the material and as such the metal will have a heat affected zone. With high speed laser the ability to cut thinner gauge material increases, giving a high level of intricacy and accuracy. Resulting in full benefits of minimum reworking and automatic stacking facilities on standard size sheets.

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Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet cutting is a completely cold cutting process. No heat affected zone is created in the metal. Consequently, even at the cut, the workpiece's material properties are unchanged. Small parts, for example less than 150 x 150 mm also remain cold.

The process is thus ideal for cutting complex profiles and various types of holes, giving designers great freedom.

Waterjet cutting is one of the most cost-efficient methods and extremely suitable for high-alloy or hardened steels. In all horizontal planes, cutting is so precise that tolerances of tenths of millimetres are guaranteed.

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We offer a wide range of plate bending facilities offering a wider range of solutions for all industry sectors.

To complement our complete range of presses, we also have an extremely wide range of tools that we have developed ourselves. Using these, we bend everything from "L" and "U" profiles to more complicated conical profiles and corrugated sheets in a range of dimensions

Cold formed profiles can be manufactured from all grades of steel currently available as hot or cold rolled coil and hot rolled quarto plate. .

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​Our Plate Service Centres offer mechanical processing for complex products like special flanges, products with a radius, small holes and much more.

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Other Services

Our Plate Service Centres offer a wide range of services. In addition to Plasma, Waterjet, Laser or Bending we offer the following additional services: Edge Preparation, Welding, Sawing, Shearing...etc.

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